A2 Courier & Logistics



A2 Courier & Logistics (A2):  a division of A2 Group of Companies –  which provides business and consulting services associated with Transportation and Logistics (“T&L”) of goods within Canada and North America.

 A2 specialize in same day / next day freight and parcel deliveries within Ontario and Quebec. 

We pride ourselves by helping businesses operate more efficiently by creating unique delivery solutions for each client and eliminating the delays involved with logistics and shipping requirements.  

 Specializing in Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery and Rush Service . A2 Courier places great emphasis on meeting each Customer's individual needs, and we're not happy until your problems are solved. Our company has achieved a level of customer satisfaction  unmatched in the industry. New Customers are often amazed at our immediate response times.... When you need us, we're there! 

Why are A2 Courier & Logistics Customers so happy?

 Through continually listening and reacting to our Customers' needs, we have built a service that consistently meets and exceeds their expectations. Our entire operation is centered on Total Customer Satisfaction, and our customer loyalty is unmatched.

If you have ever wanted to improve something about a courier & logistics company you've used, the chances are that the problem appears in the list below, and this is no accident. In our years of experience, we have learned what is most important to customers.


No Hidden Fee's: We will Not charge you any hidden fees like the other guys, i.e.  Insurance, carbon surcharge or levies. We are confident that we are able to provide you with the lowest  delivery service rate, making your service predictable and easy to mange. 

Shorter Response Times: The close vicinity of our office and main client base allows us to concentrate a larger number of driver resources where they needed the most.

Personal Attention: Your shipment receives more attention as a result of our unique tracking and dispatch system that allows us to monitor shipments in real-time 24/7.

Convenience: We are a small, easy-to-deal-with company and are therefore more flexible in handling the special requirements of each Customer.

Peace-Of-Mind: Our consistent reliability and on-time service give our Customers the peace-of-mind they need when storing and shipping extremely important material.

Informed and In-Touch: Customers know that if there is a problem or delay, they will be contacted immediately. We always keep an open line of communications to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Reduced Costs: In addition to highly competitive base rates, our Customers save significant amounts with our available discounts and lack of surcharges.


Insurance: We proudly offers all our customers FREE, full insurance coverage at no extra cost for all storage and shipments. A2 Courier vehicles contain a valid certificate of Insurance with our policy number, upon request or demand we are pleased to provide this to all our customers.


A2 Courier & Logistics understand that courier, express, parcel (CEP) and Logistics market is one of the fastest growing of all sectors of the Transportation and Logistics industry in many of emerging markets. We understand that it is also an area where changes in demographics and consumer behavior have the most significant impact. A2 Courier & Logistics has a service portfolio fortified by low-cost and effective-service which will help to improve the scope of services as well as reduce cost for our customers.